Gents Welcome!

A question we seem to get asked quite often at Mint is, “Do you have a large gents clientele here?’ and the answer is simply, yes! Most definitely.

Despite the current rise in numbers of barbers, Mint attracts a male clientele of all ages. Why? Because Mint is the perfect salon for those that look for a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and above all, to be listened to by the stylist.

With the rise in spending on male grooming, we are aware that men are more confident about saying what it is they want and don’t want, like and don’t like.

As a salon, our aim at Mint is to consider all of our clients’ long term goals for their hair. All consultations are extremely important and included in every appointment – whether it’s your first, or one-hundred-and-first trip to the salon.

Men often enquire about the hair products they should be using. It’s common that the majority have been using the wrong product for their type hair and desired style for many years. We offer an uncomplicated selection of products to suit all hair types. We also offer after care advice for our clients to maintain and care for their style in between salon visits.

On top of all this, we do make a great cup of coffee..!

Everybody loves the sunshine

Everybody loves the sunshine

Imagen relacionadaThe sun’s out. It’s time to protect your colour, your hair and your scalp.

Whether you’re on holiday abroad or out on a sunny day in the UK, your hair will be affected by UV rays. Colour fade, a burnt scalp and dry, damaged hair are consequences of exposure to the sun’s rays and can all be prevented.

Wearing a hat is the best protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, but if that is going to ruin your ‘do, or it’s just not your style, then Organic Colour Systems has the perfect solution: Status Quo Protect Leave-In Conditioner.

Resultado de imagen de status quo protect leave-in conditionerContaining organic grapefruit and orange peel extract and natural sunflower seed extract, Status Quo Protect Leave-In Conditioner can protect and repair your natural or coloured hair from UV irradiation, reducing colour fade and environmental damage. It comes in a spray bottle, so this great smelling (citrus ginger) product can be easily applied to both your hair and scalp. Status Quo Protect Leave-In Conditioner is ideal to use on every member of the family, leaving hair shiny and manageable.

A 200ml bottle is £11.95 and available to buy at Mint.



Save time with Revive

Save time with Revive


Save time with Revive!

If you’re you’re short on time, or you just want to give your roots a lift, Organic Colour Systems have come up with the solution: Revive.


Revive flyerRevive is unlike other dry shampoos.

It’s made from 99.5% natural and organic ingredients and is superfine and lightweight, so there’s no chalky residue. This means that it’s good to use even on dark hair.

photo 4The nozzle is a world exclusive – it enables you to direct the product exactly where you want it and there’s no messy spray all over your shoulders because it’s non-aerosol.


Quick and easy to apply, Revive comes in a bottle small enough to carry in your handbag and contains 100 applications!

photo 5





Understanding hair loss after pregnancy

Understanding hair loss after pregnancy

I am frequently asked at Mint about hair loss during and after pregnancy, “is this normal?” being the most common question regarding it.

A research paper published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology found that 50% of new mothers experience some hair loss. This can be a frightening and upsetting experience, but understanding why this hair loss occurs should help women who experience it feel at ease:

Approximately 70 to 100 hairs fall out of our scalps every day and are replaced with new hairs. When a woman is pregnant her raised hormone (mainly oestrogen) levels cause the growing phase of hair to extend and the normal shedding rate to decrease. The result is often thicker, healthier-feeling hair.

When the baby is born, the mother’s hormone levels decrease back to ‘normal’ levels, causing hair to shed at a rapid rate. This often occurs at around twelve weeks after delivery and continues for around eight to twelve weeks, but can often last for several months. Breastfeeding mothers may find that the hair loss phase is delayed due to altered prolactin levels in the blood. Hair is lost from all areas of the scalp, but often appears more noticeable from the front hair line.

Do not fear, this shedding phase is only temporary and hair growth will happen again. A healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet is vital in encouraging hair cell regeneration. No lotions, pills or potions that can perform miracles in these circumstances. A nice new shampoo and conditioner can make you feel better about yourself, though!

There are ways in which you can alter your hairstyle to give it more volume and I have some fantastic Organic Colour Systems products at Mint that help hair appear thicker and fuller…just ask me.

Telephone 01920 460317 or email for an appointment.


Organic Colour Systems care range

Organic Colour Systems care range

Your happiest, healthiest coloured hair ever made with the minimum amount of chemicals and the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients.

The care products available at Mint Hair Ware – Organic Colour Systems – are simple, pure and get results with every use. Each time you have your hair washed in the salon, we  analyse the condition of your hair and prescribe the appropriate care products to ensure you hair is the healthiest it can possibly be. Here is a breakdown of the range:

Status Quo shampoo and conditioner

Designed to maintain healthy hair and gentle enough to use every day. Made with certified organic chamomile, comfrey and vitamin B5, Status Quo protects from UV damage and improves colour retention.

Want to prevent colour fade?

Status Quo Protect Leave-in has been formulated to protect the hair from the damaging effects of sun, sea, chlorine and hairdryers. It is also ideal to use in environments of high humidity and areas with high pollution levels.

Simply spray on and leave in prior to swimming and sunbathing to protect your hair from the environment, the sun and pool water.

Aqua Boost shampoo, conditioner and treatment

Aqua BoostIdeal for hair low in moisture. By softening the hair’s inner protein, Aqua Boost improves colour retention and leaves your hair feeling soft and supple. Moisturising ingredients include: certified organic aloe, natural black oat extract, vitamin B5 and lecithin. The conditioner leaves hair nourishes, smoothed and protects against UV damage.

Aqua Boost leave-in conditioner

A very rich, moisturising conditioner for dry and brittle hair. Particularly suitable for use in warm climates, it is designed to leave hair feeling silky soft and with a natural shine.

Power Build

Power Build shampoo, conditioner and treatment

Using certified organic natural sunflower seed extract, natural extracts of lemon, apple and green tea along with wheat protein and vitamin B5 Power Build adds strength, smoothes and naturally protects from UV damage to improve colour retention.

RevampPower Build revamp

A unique product that powerfully restores the protein levels in hair to give strength, protection and volume. Made with natural quinoa and wheat proteins, Power Build Revamp really is a miracle in a bottle – stretch tests before and after use give visible results to hair that goes from snapping to strong!Formulated to add strength and volume to fine or weak hair – it is ideally suited to hair low in protein.