Imagen relacionadaThe sun’s out. It’s time to protect your colour, your hair and your scalp.

Whether you’re on holiday abroad or out on a sunny day in the UK, your hair will be affected by UV rays. Colour fade, a burnt scalp and dry, damaged hair are consequences of exposure to the sun’s rays and can all be prevented.

Wearing a hat is the best protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, but if that is going to ruin your ‘do, or it’s just not your style, then Organic Colour Systems has the perfect solution: Status Quo Protect Leave-In Conditioner.

Resultado de imagen de status quo protect leave-in conditionerContaining organic grapefruit and orange peel extract and natural sunflower seed extract, Status Quo Protect Leave-In Conditioner can protect and repair your natural or coloured hair from UV irradiation, reducing colour fade and environmental damage. It comes in a spray bottle, so this great smelling (citrus ginger) product can be easily applied to both your hair and scalp. Status Quo Protect Leave-In Conditioner is ideal to use on every member of the family, leaving hair shiny and manageable.

A 200ml bottle is £11.95 and available to buy at Mint.