A question we seem to get asked quite often at Mint is, “Do you have a large gents clientele here?’ and the answer is simply, yes! Most definitely. Despite the current rise in numbers of barbers, Mint attracts a male clientele of all ages. Why? Because Mint is the perfect salon for those that look for a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and above all, to be listened to by the stylist. With the rise in spending on male grooming, we are aware that men are more confident about saying what it is they want and don’t want, like and don’t like. As a salon, our aim at Mint is to consider all of our clients’ long term goals for their hair. All consultations are extremely important and included in every appointment – whether it’s your first, or one-hundred-and-first trip to the salon. Men often enquire about the hair products they should be using. It’s common that the majority have been using the wrong product for their type hair and desired style for many years. We offer an uncomplicated selection of products to suit all hair types. We also offer after care advice for our clients to maintain and care for their style in between salon visits. On top of all this, we do make a great cup of coffee..!