I am frequently asked at Mint about hair loss during and after pregnancy, “is this normal?” being the most common question regarding it.

A research paper published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology found that 50% of new mothers experience some hair loss. This can be a frightening and upsetting experience, but understanding why this hair loss occurs should help women who experience it feel at ease:

Approximately 70 to 100 hairs fall out of our scalps every day and are replaced with new hairs. When a woman is pregnant her raised hormone (mainly oestrogen) levels cause the growing phase of hair to extend and the normal shedding rate to decrease. The result is often thicker, healthier-feeling hair.

When the baby is born, the mother’s hormone levels decrease back to ‘normal’ levels, causing hair to shed at a rapid rate. This often occurs at around twelve weeks after delivery and continues for around eight to twelve weeks, but can often last for several months. Breastfeeding mothers may find that the hair loss phase is delayed due to altered prolactin levels in the blood. Hair is lost from all areas of the scalp, but often appears more noticeable from the front hair line.

Do not fear, this shedding phase is only temporary and hair growth will happen again. A healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet is vital in encouraging hair cell regeneration. No lotions, pills or potions that can perform miracles in these circumstances. A nice new shampoo and conditioner can make you feel better about yourself, though!

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